Production workshop

With the area of 10 000 square meters, the modern dust-free workshop has more than 200 sets of high-end production equipment from domestic and abroad. The quality of the product can be guaranteed effectively by the efficient working procedure and data acquisition and monitoring. The internalization, information, automation and flexibility of the production equipment make it become one of the leading production lines in China. Its advanced field management and quality control, quality data collection and control, can complete the effective tracing and rapid processing. This can maximum meet the customer is needs and assure the product quality.

R & D Center

Based on the market and customer requirement, we have developed the battery solution suitable for electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric low speed four wheel car, electric tool, robot and other industrial products. We have a high level R & D team, and the core R & D personnel have been working for more than 10 years. The testing equipment and instrument are in the lead in China, which can meet the requirements of GB testing and verification standard. From design, verification, sample preparation, trial production to mass production, we strictly follow the design and development process and detailed verification steps. All the design technology and manufacturing level of PACK are ahead of the industry in China.